Unfortunately injuries do occur, whether through accidental trips and falls, recreational activities or overusing parts of the body not previously being utilised.


Why Osteopathy for injuries?

ACC statistics show that Osteopaths rehabilitate patients from injury, faster than other rehabilitation providers, using fewer number of treatments to do so. This is because Osteopaths look at the body in its entirety. They don’t just treat the sore spot but look for the cause of the injury, which can often be located in a different area of the body.

Our Osteopaths will treat your injury and then work to resolve the cause. This may mean they will recommend exercises to do at home, to self-manage your injury and to share with you strategies to avoid reoccurrence of the injury.



Your injury may be covered by ACC. As a registered ACC provider, we can initiate a claim on your behalf and treat you on the same day. No doctor’s referral is necessary. We will submit your claim to ACC on your behalf and act as a point of liaison to assist in your speedy recovery. All of this is included in your treatment fee.

Claims accepted by ACC then become subsidised, by almost half the usual fee. Our experienced receptionists and our Osteopaths, can talk you through the qualifying criteria as to whether your injury will be accepted by ACC.


Your appointment

Your appointment with our Osteopaths will take between 40 and 60 minutes. You will not be required to undress as Osteopaths treat you fully clothed. Your Osteopath will use a variety of treatment techniques which could include soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, stretching, cranial osteopathy and a variety of other techniques, depending on your injury and what your Osteopath feels you need in order to get the speediest recovery. Your comfort and recovery is foremost in our mind.