Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

At the Waikato Osteopathic Centre we have a special interest in Workplace Wellness, also called Vocational Rehabilitation.

We offer a unique “training to treatment” approach not offered by other consultants in this area, focussing on teaching people how to move efficiently in their workplace tasks (both office based and manual tasks), to avoid injury or prevent reoccurrence of injury.


Vocational Rehabilitation

With the advent of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, Vocational Rehabilitation is now taking a front seat in many businesses. Vocational Rehabilitation focuses on assisting people to stay at, return to and remain in work.  Osteopathy has a unique perspective at incorporating a whole person wellness approach to the workplace, helping people to thrive in their roles.

It covers three main areas;

Workplace Design – this is all about how the individual’s works station is set up. We would be looking into assessing the work station or place of employment to check if it is set up in the best possible way to minimise risk of injury to the employee.  This can apply to any work environment from offices, sales repping in cars and manual handling based roles like in factories etc.  (physical changes to the environment)

Task management – this is the assessment of the task and how the employee is performing the task. For example is the task repetitive, is the task being done incorrectly or is there just a more efficient way of doing the task to avoid discomfort or injury.  Is there a way of changing the task to reduce the chance of injury. Techniques and strategies for managing employee wellness.

Rehabilitation – how to quickly recover from injury and be prepared to take on the work tasks again. The aim is to ensure the rehabilitation gets the employee back to work as quickly as possible, armed with tools and information to manage themselves to avoid future injury.  Finding ways to support them in the workplace.


Workplace initiatives

As part of our workplace wellness there are times when workplace initiatives are advised. These may be suggested activity programmes or initiaitives that can improve the culture, health and wellbeing of the workplace as a whole, by looking at individual Employee wellness. Examples of this are Pedometer challenges, on-site exercise classes, subsidised memberships to clubs or groups and walking clubs, all driven from the company. The focus is on not just physical aspects of the workplace environment or the employee but also the culture of the workplace and employees state of mind.